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About Dog Academy Surrey

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Dog Academy Surrey is run by qualified dog behaviourist Milena.
Milena firmly believes that when you decide to live with a dog your life will never be the same, always better.
"Dogs are great. Bad dogs, if you can really call them that, are perhaps the greatest" - John Grogan
Dogs challenge us and see us the way we really are, and we all get a chance to become aware of our own shortcomings. They take us on a journey to discover unconditional love that is patient, pure with no hidden agenda. They teach us to be in a moment, overcome our boundaries and show us what is really important.
Dog Academy Surrey is a business, but it's not about the money. In fact, Milena has pledged to treat one dog per month for free.
"Your dog is your mirror" - Kevin Behan
Good dog training requires flexibility and open-mindedness. For best results, Milena combines psychology of the owner with ethology of the dog in training.

Milena is skilled at working with owners and families with mobility issues, people on the autism spectrum, people with eating disorders.

Don’t just take our woof for it

See our verified reviews from Bark.com
"Milena is an excellent dog trainer. The attention to detail and wanting to understand the route of my dog's issues is one that I have not experience with other trainers."
Dalbir D.
23 February 2023
"I would highly recommend Milena to anyone who is having behaviour issues. She has completely changed our dogs life for the better."
Stephanie & Christine
3 May 2022
"We used Dog Academy Surrey to train our very energetic pug puppy and were delighted with the results. A number of our friends have commented on how well behaved she is."
11 January 2022
"I noticed a change in my dog even after our first session. Milena is absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend her to anybody who has any dog training issues."
Suzanne E.
7 February 2023
"Milena is a very competent professional who really helped me to deal with a very nervous rescue dog. Milena explained in simple terms what the problems were and how to deal with them, displaying patience and expertise."
Davina K.
2 May 2022
"Milena was incredibly patient, kind and supportive when it came to the training of my dog and working with me."
Ashleigh M.
27 August 2021
"I was considering rehoming my dog because of the destruction he caused every day. Pleased to say I’m back in love with my dog."
Katherine B.
30 August 2021
"Milena was professional, flexible, determined, thoughtful, friendly and a fantastic fount of knowlege on all things dog."
Jane T.
11 January 2022
"Milena was prompt and kind, and provided backup information about her methods. I would wholeheartedly recommend Milena and we certainly benefited from the one-to-one support."
Guy VK.
8 December 2021
"Polly is now one of the best behaved puppies our friends and family have encountered, best money we ever spent."
Amie VV.
13 December 2022