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Rehomed / New Dog

This package will make you ready and confident to take on the complex challenge of expanding your pack with a rehomed or new dog.
  • Creating a strong bond with your new or rehomed dog.
  • Basics of verbal and non-verbal communication, with special emphasis on both yours and your dog’s body language.
  • Critical role of socialisation and working your dog around different stimuli like light, sound, moving objects and wildlife.
  • Boundary training: A set of rules every dog owner should implement and follow to prevent any behavioural issues in the future.
  • Learning how to play with your dog and provide appropriate level of mental stimulation.
  • Toilet training for both puppies and adult dogs.
  • Training your dog to be happy in a crate.
We also have a similar Puppy Primer package which is developed for puppies.
This package contains a 3 hour introductory session with multiple presentations, and two 90 minute long follow up sessions. Cost of travel is included.