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Reviews of Dog Academy Surrey

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"Milena looked after our 2 year old Cockapoo Lola while we were on holiday.

She has always been nervous and suffers from separation anxiety but due to Milena's kindness and expertise was very soon at ease.

Since we returned Lola no longer barks at sudden noises and has stopped counter surfing at meal times."
30 May 2023
"Milena is very understanding and patient and explains things so well.

I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get a better understanding and relationship with their dog, and really help improve the quality of both dogs and humans lives."
8 May 2023
"Milena is an excellent dog trainer, she really helped put certain things into perspective.

It's only been a short time since I had my first session and have already noticed a huge difference with my dog. I would hugely recommend booking her if you need assistance.

The attention to detail and wanting to understand the route of my dog's issues is one that I have not experience with other trainers."
Dalbir D.
23 February 2023
"I have a cockerpoo who is 1 year and 9 months old. We spoiled her beyond belief when my children and I first received her. However, after a few months, we began to see very clear indicators of aggression towards my family—including territoriality and a fear of sudden movements—which progressively worsened over time.

At this point, I contacted Milena since I didn't think there was much more I could do because the aggression was out of hand. We discussed my dog's triggers at length and what we could do to change them in our initial session.

I noticed a change in my dog even after our first session, all through sticking to boundaries and training in the home.

Milena is absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend her to anybody who has any dog training issues, especially dogs with aggression.

Milena is not just a dog trainer she has become a good friend and is available to answer questions any time of the day, nothing is a problem."
Suzanne E.
7 February 2023
"We approached Milena when we realised our cocker spaniel puppy could end up being quite a handful unless we laid some strong training foundations. Milena initially took the time to talk us through dog behaviour and the ground rules to ensure our pup behaved.

From the very first session it was clear these techniques worked as we watched Polly quickly pick up training cues and she was absolutely in love with Milena!

We had a few different training sessions with Milena in different environments that would would encounter with Polly - this gave us the confidence to have her off the lead and helped us understand how to both keep Polly safe and let her have a lot of fun, as every puppy should!

Polly is now one of the best behaved puppies our friends and family have encountered, best money we ever spent."
Aimee V.
13 December 2022
"Our Dachshund suffered from separation anxiety, peeing in the house and he refused to walk with anyone else but his primary owner.

Milena didn’t just teach us techniques on how to deal with these issues, but she helped us understand why our dog is anxious. She talked us through all of his behaviour issues and helped us work out how we can help him become a calmer pup.

She also understood the breed and knew what techniques needed to be put in place for our dogs breed and personality. And not that, she is also a very kind and lovely person. Very easy to talk to and I will continue to keep in contact with her.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who is having behaviour issues. She has completely changed our dogs life for the better."
Stephanie & Christine
3 May 2022
"Milena is a very competent professional who really helped me to deal with a very nervous rescue dog.

Milena explained in simple terms what the problems were and how to deal with them, displaying patience and expertise. I believe the trainer has a unique and genuine understanding of dog behaviour which she is able to use to great advantage.

I was given simple but very useful exercises to practice with, which were not only helpful for the dog, but also gave me the confidence and understanding to continue the training myself.

I thoroughly recommend the services of Dog Academy, which have helped not only my dog but me too."
Davina K.
2 May 2022
"We used Dog Academy Surrey to train our very energetic pug puppy Yuna in November and were delighted with the results.

We were really struggling with Yuna and Melina helped lay the foundations to improve her behaviour. Fast forward 2 months and It’s like we have a completely different dog - a number of our friends have commented on how well behaved she is.

We were not sure what to expect with the first session but Yuna took to Melina immediately, (as if by magic) - we knew right then that we had made the right choice.

Not only was it an enjoyable experience for Yuna but we know that in Melina we also made a good friend."
11 January 2022