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Behavioural Modifications

This package covers almost all behavioural problems that may occur when you live with a dog. These include:
  • Dog on dog aggression.
  • Dog on human aggression.
  • Reactivity (desensitisation).
  • Scavenging and counter surfing.
  • Coprophagia.
  • Destructive behaviour (i.e. mouthiness).
  • Pulling on lead.
  • Excessive barking.
  • Chasing wildlife.
  • Jumping on people.
Behavioural recovery journey starts with 3 hour long in-depth session, including interview of family members, observation of your dog and behavioural evaluation.

You get a personalised and detailed rehabilitation plan covering the entire period of training and multiple demonstrations.

Here at Dog Academy Surrey, we believe that in order to make long lasting changes in your dog’s life and behaviour, the owner also needs to learn and actively participate in the entire process. Boundary, obedience and manners training.

Set of exercises covering strengthening your bond with your dog with emphasis on eye contact and addressing the behavioural problems, which you would like to change.  Improving your leadership skills as dominant figure in your dog’s life.
This package consists of a 3 hour long introductory session and evaluation, rehabilitation plan and four 90 min long follow up sessions. When the dog is in treatment, we provide free of charge over-the-phone counselling. Travelling costs are included.