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Residential Training

£950 per week
We understand that our clients may live in various life circumstances and there are situations when active participation in your dog’s training may not be possible. When you are a disabled, have mobility issues or are extremely busy dog owner, it is better to take advantage of our residential training program than to do nothing.
Your dog will stay at our head trainer’s home which allows your dog to live in a consistent training environment.  
  • Boundary, obedience and manners training.
  • Socialisation and training in multiple environments.
  • Toilet training and crate training.
  • Working your dog around other dogs, on a train, bus and in a car.
  • Training your dog around wildlife and children.
  • Training your dog around loud noises, moving objects, house appliances and on escalators.
  • Improving your leadership skills as the most prominent figure in your dog’s life.
  • Handover session upon collection with detailed and personalised plan.
  • Also includes two follow up onto-to-one sessions to monitor progress.
This program is designed for minimum three weeks as behavioural modifications take not only consistency but also time. Training is a process which may include setbacks and short periods of regression.