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Reviews of Dog Academy Surrey

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"We have tried the longevity meal plan from dog academy surrey for a while now and I can fully recommend it!

Our dog Woody normally gets pellets and leftovers but since starting the plan I feel that he has more energy and a shinier coat!

I like the fact that it has a wide variety of nutrients covering all the food groups that he needs, but no extra nasty stuff as it’s all prepared for you by a local company."
Therese S.
20 July 2023
"I have to big dogs that require a lot of food but also clever diet.

This company have great discounts if your dog is over 25 kg.

Their food is packed with nutrients you can’t get anywhere else, unless you cook for your dog yourself.

Also they closely monitor pure protein content which is important in those enriched diets. Basically there is really meat, pieces of meat there. Nice people overall."
Google User
14 July 2023
"I have known Milena now for 1 year; since we met when she came to my house to help train my little dachshund Ziggy, who has a long list of behavioural issues which she has patiently been working through with me.

She also introduced me to the range of dog food she has made herself, which is specifically tailored to ensure dogs are fed a highly nutritious and balanced diet, and she has made it with natural, good quality meat and vegetables, something that is missing from the dog foods we buy at the supermarket and pet foods.  It is so nice to know what I am actually feeding Ziggy, as some of the food we have used in the past has looked questionable.

It is designed specifically to maintain a good weight, give them lots of energy and hopefully a long and healthy life.  This is incredibly important for Ziggy, who we have to be very careful stays a certain weight so as not to pressure on his little legs and long back.

We have been using it for a month now, and Ziggy LOVES it! So much so, when it arrives, he will sit by the fridge as he knows it is there.  He also gets it when he goes to stay with her, and he devours it up within minutes.

Super simple to use, Milena will judge the weight of your dog, how many calories they should eat, and tell you how too much use and it is as simple as that.  I sometimes use a bit less than she suggests and mix it with his normal door biscuits so the packets last a little longer.

Ziggy who is prone too easy weight gain has a very glossy coat, healthy looking poo’s and has been a healthy 8kgs now since we have been using her food.  Highly recommend it to anyone."
Kate H.
15 July 2023.