Longevity Meal Plan

by Dog Academy Surrey
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What is it and how does it work?

I think we already know that the secret to health and longevity is a variety of our diet. We know it is the rich microbiome in our gut what gives us a higher chance to feel well. We also already know that we have two brains - one in our skull and the miraculous brain in our gut... equally important by the way...

The Longevity Meal Plan is designed to provide your dog with 7 different meals per week, specifically tailored to their needs, gut microbiome and to both brains, with nothing artificial or highly processed.
Our main goal is to keep our dogs healthy, help them live longer and save you money on vets bills.
In composing our meals, we follow 9 principles:
  1. We use only human grade ingredients.
  2. Each 500g package contains a minimum 200g of locally sourced meat or fish.
  3. Meat or fish protein is cooked and deboned.
  4. We always include green, lectin free vegetables, which are blanched to preserve all important but temperature sensitive ingredients.
  5. We always include fresh fruit. This is seasonable but also tailored to weekly needs of your dog.
  6. We always add nuts and seeds - only those good for dogs.
  7. We always add extra virgin olive oil to let your dog benefit from the valuable polyphenols, known to prolong life.
  8. We vacuum pack our meals and you can either order them frozen or freeze them yourself.
  9. Our menu is seasonal, you always know a calorie value of each sachet and always know all the ingredients and allergens.
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Transitioning to a healthy diet may not be easy for a dog who had been fed artificially enhanced food before.

All the natural flavours will smell and taste appealing to your dog, yet different. Deep inside your dog's soul, he knows, this is what he should be eating but it may take time to discover the elixir of life.

We all know how difficult it may be to swap eating burgers to kale salad.

We usually recommend a phone consultation to help us gather information about your dog, to help find their correct nutritional value and discuss the myths about dog food.
Check out the book The Forever Dog and this interview podcast by Dr. Gundry for more information on feeding your dog for health and longevity.

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