Longevity Meal Plan

Seasonal Meals
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The Longevity Meal Plan works by providing your dog with 7 different meals a week, building up the microbiome within their gut, which is essential for their health. It's all about variety! Our current seasonal meals are available in 500g, 250g and 100g sizes.

Calories and ingredient measurements are listed per 500g. Common allergens are marked.


Beef - 200g
Butternut Squash - 200g
Celeriac - 40g
Broccoli - 25g
Spinach - 10g
Blueberries - 10g
Almonds (Allergen) - 10g
Olive Oil - 10g
808 calories per 500g meal.


Chicken - 200g
Carrot - 100g
Parsnip - 100g
Celery (Allergen) - 60g
Spinach - 10g
Strawberries - 10g
Walnuts (Allergen) - 10g
Olive Oil - 10g
683 calories per 500g meal.


Mackerel (Allergen) - 200g
Brussel Sprouts - 100g
Broccoli - 100g
Yoghurt (Allergen) - 30g
Apple - 30g
Kale - 20g
Pumpkin Seeds - 10g
Olive Oil - 10g
857 calories per 500g meal.


Pork - 250g
Sweet Potato - 100g
Carrot - 80g
Broccoli - 30g
Kale - 10g
Blueberries - 10g
Sunflower Seeds - 10g
Olive Oil - 10g
1073 calories per 500g meal.


Venison - 200g
Butternut Squash - 100g
Cauliflower - 100g
Sweet Potato - 70g
Mushrooms - 10g
Raspberries - 10g
Olive Oil - 10g
582 calories per 500g meal.


Turkey - 270g
Cabbage - 100g
Sweet Potato - 70g
Apple - 30g
Strawberries - 10g
Pumpkin Seeds - 10g
Olive Oil - 10g
737 calories per 500g meal.


Pork Liver - 250g
Sweet Potato - 120g
Celeriac - 60g
Okra - 30g
Spinach - 20g
Strawberries - 10g
Olive Oil - 10g
612 calories per 500g meal.


If you want to use treats during training or to reward your dog for doing something great, then get some of the dried meat cubes that we offer.

The only ingredient is meat.

You can find the calorie value on the pouch, so you can simply take it away from the dogs daily calorie intake to avoid obesity
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