Healthy treats for your dog
This is a very touchy subject for a variety of reasons. We give dogs snacks simply because most of us humans tend to snack a lot. When dogs are bored, and we'd rather watch TV than play with them or go for a walk, we give them a snack. We love sharing our food with our dogs because we "love" them so deeply.
There is one good reason to give dogs snacks that we support wholeheartedly. It is when we train them!
All wise and experienced behaviourists and dog trainers tend to use a daily food allowance (the food your dog would normally get during the day) as a reward during training. We simply know that food is a massive motivator for majority of dogs. We also know it can get messy to have a raw lamb liver in the training pouch!

If you want to use treats during training or to reward your dog for doing something great, get some of the dried meat cubes that we offer.

The only ingredient is meat.

You can easily find its calorie value on the pouch and take it away from the calorie intake of what your dog should eat every day to avoid obesity.

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